Single Word Sunday – Stand

Stand firm. Stand strong. Stand boldly.

As far as experience goes, if there is one thing I am now coming to terms with, it is the need to stand. And to do so, with boldness.

Too often, I think we shrink ourselves in fear of standing up, or even standing tall. 


As if, in a world with a levelled playing field, standing tall and appreciating the fact you rightfully occupy space is more of an offence than if you were to shrivel yourself to fit in with the status quo.

Let’s change the MO

Well, I don’t know about you, but I for one feel like it’s about time that MO comes to an end.  Growing up, i was always one of the tallest. Not of the girls alone, or among the boys, but in general. And though I can’t say I was always the ‘tallest’, I am grateful for never wishing away my height or ‘wishing I were shorter’ – I embraced (and continue to embrace) my feet and inches in all their glory. 


If I’m cool with my height then,

Why is this post titled ‘stand’?

It’s a good and well reasoned question. And simply, it’s because the figurative meaning of stand is where I struggle with. (With some days easy than others) I’ve come to terms with the fact that its okay to stand. With my head held high and my feet pressed firmly in the ground. And to do so boldly.

Taking a stand will sometimes mean you stand alone. As you survey the perimeter, you may learn that those who in support of what you stand for (i.e. your dreams) are few and far between. And though this can be discouraging, I don’t think it should be the be all or the end all.


Taking a stand at times will be you standing in front of a crowd and being the one who stand out. For example, in a group where the majority refuse to acknowledge  injustice, in fear of ‘treading on toes’, we may refuse to defend our views or offer insight into the matter.

Well, let me just say this: At times, this will  require us to step and start the conversation.
Mind though, there are times and a places for such conversations, I don’t want to be help responsible for people inappropriately addressing pressing issues in the name of ‘standing up’ or ‘standing out’.

So with this – reader’s discretion is advised.

I’m guess I’ll catch you in the next tea talk!

– Bola

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