Single Word Sunday – Pause

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We know the days get long and our schedules get busy as we are bogged down with work, school and other commitments, but at what point do you just..pause?

A chosen moment to decompress, unwind and take a breath. That’s what a pause during the day looks like to me.

Typically, I’ll close my eyes, tilt my head back and breathe. This signals and reminds me to slow it down. (While thinking, “I’ve got this, that and the other to get done”, a simple word of prayer really helps to keep me grounded while reminding me that patience really is a virtue.)

I understand that the world we live in can be very fast paced. With demands and commitments asking for our attention, how can we momentarily reduce the pace of all this?

Truth is, you have to choose. Yes we are bombarded with choices day in day out and decisions will always have to be made, however as long as you know can tell when the day is getting heavy with overwhelm bearing it’s weight and you choose to pause, then that’s one less decision you have to make.

I know the thought of taking the time to be still and do nothing can seem counterintuitive when ‘there’s so much to do’ but in reality

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