Forget running a mile when you can Chamomile – London Tea Company review

*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own

So it’s official, we’re in the ripe stages of Summer (I think we are well past ‘ripe’, what with the heatwaves we’ve been experiencing!) but if there’s a gem I’ve been enjoying, it’s got to be chamomile tea!

In particular, The London Tea Company’s Chamomile tea. And since the weather’s been (mostly) warm, I’ve taken a liking to this blend of tea. I must admit though, I do prefer it with a few additional ingredients which I’ll list below.

How I make the tea

Well since their teabags are packaged in little paper enveloped, I tend to prep the stringed tea bag as the kettle boils. This is useful for displaying their fair trade commitments as well as making it easier to dispose of the tea bag once the brew is complete.

Side note: I don’t typically make my tea with steaming hot water, I prefer to wait for it to cool for about 5 minutes before getting the brew going.

I’ll then measure out the water and keep the tea bag in the mug till I finish sipping. Then I’ll add a squidge of (actual) honey, lemon (if i have any on hand),stir and enjoy!

Does the flavour match the description?

They describe the tea as being a “balanced blend with a delicious, soothing buttery flavour.”

And given that I prefer extra additions to my cup of tea, I felt it would only be fair for me to try it on it’s own to give a fair review. And from that…

My observation of the chamomile (on it’s own) is that it fares well and lives up to the ‘buttery and smooth’ description listed. Especially when it’s warm (close to hot but not scalding, is when it’s best enjoyed).

Where will you find their tea?

The three main places that you can find their blends (aside from commercial traders), are:


Ethical Superstore

The LT website

Having taken a little perusal of their website and socials (along with my tasting of the tea), here are a few pros and cons I settled with.


– Reasonably priced (a 250 teabag box of tea for £13.99)

-They are considered an ethical shop and they trade fairly with their tea farmers

-Their care and appreciation for tea is evident in their blog posts

-They have won several taste awards


-No loose leaf tea options (only bagged tea bags, which I reckon is for convenience, so I guess it’s a plus really)

-No full story telling of the history or background of the brand (which may be just me, but I like to know the story behind how ideas come about and brands come to fruition)

What do I rate them overall?

I thought long and hard about this, because there are so many good things about their tea (and their brand in general). From their fair trade commitments, to the educating of novices (like myself) on the differences between pyramid and envelope teabags to the appropriate ways of brewing a cuppa, I feel they are quite strong. However the rating will be based on the tea alone, and for this, I have chosen to give them a 7/10!

If this encouraged you to give them a try, feel free to let me know in the comments below or stay connected on Instagram or Twitter

And if there’s a blend you’d recommend or that you’d like me to try, you can contact me here

Till the next sip session!

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