Single Word Sunday – Begin

It must’ve been about 12:30am. As I clamber into bed and pull the duvets up my chest (with one foot out, of course), I use my arms to fluff up my duvets and aerate the covers, and I just air out what’s been on my mind. A pep talk, if you will.


From the month of July, I made the decision and commitment (to myself) to begin this project and that I would press on. No matter the weather, no matter the mood, that I would continue to create. And looking back, it was brave and oh so worth it. I say this because, around that time I’d been experiencing bouts of motivation and lack thereof, and in times past, I admit, I would let this stagnate me. 7months into the year and I finally took a stand. And looking back, I’m glad that I did.

*End of context*


Well, for several reasons but most of all, because 4 weeks in (August), I can look back on the content I created and committed to. And truly, there may not be that much so far, but at least I can rest in the fact that I began. Because whether I liked it or not, August was going to roll around, and I could’ve been sitting here with a blank canvas, with nothing to account for.

But really, since I began,  I can look back, evaluate and appreciate the time I spent creating. And while you reading this right now may be where I was in June or the first half of the year, I hope that for the rest of the year, you take the time to apply yourself and invest (your time) in your dreams today.

Beginning sooner or later is besides the point, because we don’t all do things at the same – but choosing a point to start and seeing it through is key. And I say this as someone who likes to wait for the infamous “perfect timing to start”. And while I do still hold this saying to be true, I think it’s worth us assessing whether this is merely an excuse or a valid reason.

Sure, reasoning is relative, but in our hearts of hearts (or quiet moments as my mum likes to call them), we are each aware of when we create excuses to run away from getting things started.

Its like getting more exercise in, incorporating healthier habits to your routine or working on becoming a better version of yourself. We can choose to beat around the bush or begin.

In choosing the ‘single word’ for this week’s blogisode (that’s got to be a thing by now), I was straddling between commitment and begin, and following some light deliberation, I think ‘begin’ is the most fitting. (but if you’d be interested in seeing the post titled ‘commitment’, then feel free to let me know in the comments!

If there’s one thing you can take away from today’s post, let it be this:

You can choose to beat around the bush or begin.

– Bola Talks Tea

And on that note, I guess ill leave you with this question – where would be, a month (or 4 weeks) from now, if you were to begin today?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or stay connected on socials!

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