Introducing the ‘Wean Off Coffee’ (WOC) series

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about how broad the world of tea is,. And you may be thinking, “what’s this got to do with coffee’? Well, I’m glad you asked because i asked myself the same question. And as I started thinking about the similarities they bear, it was the fact that though they both contain caffeine, it’s how their effects and levels, differ that caught my attention.

french tea GIF, drinking tea

The caffeine in tea and Coffee:

As a fellow tea drinker, if I’m in the mood for a calming or restful drink late in the evening, i can always reach for a chamomile (which isn’t really a tea, it’s a tisane but we won’t be getting into that today), or a silver needle white tea which is rather low in caffeine, meaning i wont have to worry about a caffeine-related sleep disruption.

i don't know idk GIF by VH1

However, when i thought about tea’s stronger distant cousin, I struggled to think of and find the alternative/low caffeine options (other than the decaf options, of course). But i wasn;t about to leave things like that, i did what any other curious beverage drinker would do, and off to Google galore I went.

happy homer simpson GIF

Advice from a friend:

In good will, I will spare you the lengthy details, but what I will do is share with you what I’ve learnt. And not only from Google, but from journals, articles, and speaking to caffeine-free converts and coffee drinkers who’ve changed their caffeine ways.

Often, when we think of the world of coffee, it’s pretty much an unspoken code that the coffee is full of abundance niche, and from this i too can assert there is much to learn.

And speaking honestly, I want to use this series as a way of sharing more about the teas out there, not just the kind that tea lovers adore, but the kind that coffee lovers too can substitute from time to time, for their coffee, or if they’re brave enough completely.

Other documenting their experience:

google GIF

Now back to weaning off coffee. If there’s been a challenge I’ve seen multiple content creators who try cutting out coffee for a number of days, or months. And a quick search on YouTube, Google or Instagram will quickly reveal, there are a lot of people who have given this a go.

From Matt D’avella’s experiment:

To Buzzfeed:

Thumbnail of a man drinking coffee from a small mug, with a background of coffee beans scattered on the top.

And Better ideas

If you’re in the mood for evaluating your relationship with coffee, then take a look at this article from the Well and Good team.

What you can expect:

From this series, here’s a few things you can expect over the coming weeks:

-The difference between quitting coffee and quitting caffeine

-Different methods of reducing your coffee consumption along with,

-Substitutes for coffee, which are similar in taste, but diffferent in substance. I am aware that the rustic coffee flavour is difficult to emulate, but what’s the harm in giving them a try?

-Alternatives to coffee, some which include caffeine-filled drinks and non-caffeinated alike

-The benefits of living a caffeine free lifestyle (Including the benefits)

-There will also be a bonus part, so feel free to leave suggestions below of what you’d like to see.

If any of the things mentioned above are of any interest to you, then why not sign up below to be notified of each post within the series? (i’ll be posting every Friday this month, so sign up to stay in the know)

Till part 1, which will be up next week Mon,

Happy Sipping,


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