Interested in improving your tea knowledge? here are a few online classes, events and workshops you can attend (some are free too)

So I recently had the opportunity to participate in Daniel Lewis’ class titled ‘Bricks to Clicks’, where he spoke on how he moved his tea business from a brick-and-mortar store to an e-commerce store. And while I found out about this on LinkedIn, I realised that there are a few other companies and brands who are also offering free classes on this.

Before the lockdown, I had a few tea events lined up which were understandably cancelled. I have, however, noticed that a number of brands have stepped up and decided to share their workshops online, and others who have innovated by providing adding classes online (some, at a discounted price).

And given that, as tea drinkers, we are a caring bunch (no shade to coffee drinkers, y’all are welcome here too), i thought i collate a list of classes (yes some that are free) on here for those of you who would be interested in such.

1. Bricks to Clicks by Daniel Lewis (free)

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Hosted by the man himself, Daniel M Lewis, the owner of ‘T by Daniel’, an award winning tea company, in the midst of the current lockdown, decided to host a (free) class on his journey back to the e-commerce world, be sure to tune in.

This may be for you if:

You’re interested in starting your own tea business or are interested in running an e-commerce store. In this class, he talks about the transition his own tea business made from a brick-and-mortar store to a fully online and e-commerce.

The link to the class is here

2. European Tea Society – Using social media to market your tea business which will be on the 13 May (free)

This may be for you if you own your own tea business, or are interested in getting started. Or even if you’re interested in using social media to grow your brand, I think this class will be of use to you as well.

3. Teapigs (paid)

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Typically, Teapigs will host their workshops and classes in-person, but as an alternative, they’ve chosen to open an online tea school for the tea curious and the enthusiast, so if I were you, I’d snag the opportunity while it’s still available. These sessions aren’t free (it’s £15), but the first one isn’t until the 28 May.

To get involved, click here

4. Canton Tea (free)

This may be for you if you are looking to learn about:

-The 6 main categories of tea

-Tea terroir, manufacture and flavour development

-Brewing methods and flavour extraction

-The health benefits of tea

For the course, click here

5. Dilmah Tea (paid)

At Dilmah Tea, they offer two main courses on their site. One for 50 USD, and one for 200 USD. The first has 4 modules and the latter 16.

A screenshot of the introduction to tea certificate course on Dilmah Tea

And the other one they have, which is usually 600 USD, yes 600! Is now offered at the discounted price of 200 USD.

This one comes with a certificate upon completion and has 16 modules

If you’d like to get started, click here

6. The Art of Tea (free)

I stumbled on this on this while browsing through Pinterest and I’m pretty glad I did. I’ve been working my way through this, and I must say i am pleasantly surprised by how in-depth the classes are. There is a total of 6 modules with a bonus one

To get started, click here

If you gave any of these a go, or you have any others you’ve come across then leave a comment below, or leave a 🙋🏾‍♀️ below my latest Instagram post.

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Happy Sipping ,


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