A series on the effects of quitting coffee, switching to tea, and alternatives to the caffeine-loaded beverage

If you’ve followed along with this series for the past couple of weeks (okay, it’s been months, longer than anticipated but i promise to do better next time), then props to you! And chances are, you probably don’t remember me mentioning the tapering method of quitting coffee, but not to worry as I’ve linked it […]

As I shared in the introductory post to this series, I mentioned talking to multiple people (of varying ages and lifestyles) asking about their experience with quitting coffee, (some of whom still continue to drink the beverage following their intermittent quit). To remove a part of your daily routine that you’ve gotten so familiar with, […]

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about how broad the world of tea is,. And you may be thinking, “what’s this got to do with coffee’? Well, I’m glad you asked because i asked myself the same question. And as I started thinking about the similarities they bear, it was the fact […]

This, is the story of Sam has been drinking coffee since she started freshman year of college, though she initially refused to join the bandwagon, the demand of deadlines caused her to give in. It’s been 5 years and though she’s finished university, the habit of coffee is one she’s not been able to leave […]